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A Guide to Measuring Penis Size

Contrary to the wide range of opinions formulated in this direction, the importance of penis size cannot be generalized. In fact, it is defined by your own perception and reported to your own expectations. As long as you feel unhappy with your natural endowment or you know there is more you can achieve, you just need to work on it. But begin by knowing the points of reference.

Evaluate your performances by your own standards yet bear in mind how other men perform as well. In this way you may consider that your idea of small is, in fact, average according to statistics. While it does not have to stop you from setting higher goals, it can, however, consistently motivate you.

Consequently, we are going to quote the conclusions of one study that brought together observations from no less than 12 different other studies on penis size. The numbers are taken from 11.531 respondents and indicate the following frames: 4.7-5.1 girth inches, or 12 to 13 cm, and 5.5-6.2 length inches, 14 to 16 cm.

You must already know from experience that girth is just as important as length is. What you may not know however is that a man’s sexual endowment is measured with the penis in flaccid state. This is also applicable for testing male enhancement methods and you should not ignore it either.

You are going to measure your penis size in both flaccid and erect state. For the most accurate results, there are several factors you need to pay attention to. Remember that your measurement can fail simply because of performing it in a cold room, the low temperature making your tool reduce its size. Also crucial, the position from where you take the measurements can make a significant difference. And as a final observation, the numbers you get can vary from one measurement to another according with the quality of your erection at the given time.

But now enough with the introductions, it is the time for you to get into action and we are going to guide you step by step.

Length measurements

Choose the most comfortable and warm place you can find. Make sure there is no one to disrupt you and get ready with the ruler in your hand. Take the standing position, grab your flaccid penis and place it parallel with the ground, easily extended in front, without pulling hard from it. Do not measure it from above, but from the lateral! Try to slightly press the end of the ruler to the pubic zone, as the base of the organ goes further inside the body. However, do not overact otherwise you will obtain irrelevant results.

Girth measurements

Make no mistake, the girth of the head is important, but the one that will be mostly felt by your partner during intercourse is the one from the middle of the shaft. Consequently, avoid taking the head or the base of your penis as a reference point. To avoid harming yourself with the ruler, make the measurement with a tape and only then measure the tape with the ruler. Just as above, make sure again that your tool is parallel to the floor.

Repeat the two above processes for the erect stage as well, but only after you achieve your hardest boner prior to evaluating it.

Curiosities Related To Penis Size

  • Women brag all the time about being able to tell how big is your penis just by looking at it, eventually even when covered by pants. Nothing falser, no one can make fair estimations regardless the physical appearance of the targeted person
  • Your penis shape does not necessarily have to be straight forwarded. In fact, most men notice a smaller or larger curvature on it, which is perfectly natural. From the same topic, your manhood has a medical problem in terms of size only when measuring 1.5 flaccid inches and 3 erect inches.
  • Not necessarily a reason to envy them, gay men seem to be more endowed, with their tools longer with approximately 1/3 inches
  • Your smoking habit can cut off from penis length even one centimeter. The explanation resides in the impaired blood circulation

Get Over These Myths Related To Penis Size

The more concerns a topic raises, the more numerous will be the false or misleading information. And penis size myths make no exception, but on the contrary, continue to be promoted even in times when everyone has access to medical data, statistics and reports that should eliminate all of these.

  • The link between  your index finger or foot size and the sexual endowment

These are two of the most common and before you start checking for them you should know that only recently researchers were able to trace a form of connection with the index size. The explanation is as scientifically as it can be: both the finger size and the penis length seem to be determined in a prenatal state by the levels of testosterone.

Unfortunately, there were only 144 attendees to the study, which does not consistently reinforce its value of truth. However, regarding the foot size, we can tell for a fact there is no logical explanation for it.

  • Race particularities

We already quoted the average size determined by a more than relevant study. It is now the time to specify that those numbers were applicable to men of all races, which sets, once and for all, the fact that it does not take a particular color for a penis to be long and thick.

It may be true that in some parts of the world men are more fortunate but there are numerous factors to interfere on this chapter. Asian men are not the ones with the smallest penises just like the black men are not necessarily the ones with the largest tools.

  • Height and length

This is probably one of the funniest myths, assuming that the taller a man is, the longer his manhood will be. Again, nothing falser and if you make a habit from reporting everything to height, you can see how and why a penis, regardless its inches in length, will look smaller if the man is very tall.

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