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How To Choose The Best Male Enhancement Foods

What we eat directly affects the way our body performs its functions. Consequently, choosing the right foods will have short and long term benefits on your overall health in general and on your sexual performances in particular.

The diet helps a man stay in good shape regardless what type of activity he performs, while providing energy for both day to day chords and exercising. Moreover, memory, mood and concentration can benefit from specific ingredients and the risks of health problems such as cardiac failures, cancers, diabetes or obesity are much easier overcome.

However, everyone interested to improve intimate life will be mostly concerned on which the best male enhancement foods are and how to choose them. Read on to discover useful information in this direction.

Basic needs

Sexual stamina is enhanced through a rich food plan with a wide selection of foods that will provide nutrients necessary not only for the constant semen production, but for the well state of the entire male body. The basic needs imply carbohydrates, proteins, low saturated fats, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals.

As a rule, never miss the breakfast and gradually reduce the heaviness of the meals and snacks you take towards the end of the day, without drinking too much alcohol or soft drinks. Contrary to expectations, even the fruit juices, when 100% concentrated, are not helping your body as they represent nutritive boosts that bring a lot more nutrients than you need, glucose in particular.

Avoid fast foods

Men find it easier to eat a sandwich instead of cooking a meal. The rich flavors and the feeling of satiety that fast foods provide make the decision of eating healthier even more difficult. If you cannot give up on such unpleasant meal habits, you can:

  • Always add a bowl of salad and vegetable toppings to the pizza or sandwiches you order
  • Go for the small portions and try to refuse mayonnaise
  • Choose grilled instead of fried

Take care of the muscles

If you master the main techniques of postponing ejaculation and enjoying intercourse longer, you will need the physical strength to try various sexual positions and your muscles must be in good shape. Potassium is one of the most important resources for this purpose, with bananas and potatoes on top of the list. These two are considered fitness foods as they insure up to 30% of a man’s needs and effectively prevent cramping.

Look for vitamin C sources

This vitamin plays a major role in the production of carnitine, a muscle compound converting fat to energy. Fruits are known to contain high amounts of it, oranges in particular. However, few know that an yellow bell pepper contains more than three times the vitamin C of an orange.

Combine fibers with water

Think of all the fruits that you know to be juicy and have a fibrous texture, beginning with pears, which give the feeling of satiety. Fibers should prevent your body from experiencing severe sugar spikes in the blood. Such spikes lead to overeating, preventing you from being and feeling active not only in your intimate life, but also with all the other activities.

Protect your heart

Having a healthy circulatory and cardiac system will help you achieve hard erections. Consequently, B6 vitamin resources are another important male enhancement ingredient that can be found in potatoes, bananas, salmon, chicken, spinach or avocado. Combining potatoes with mean should make you give up on bread, but the most recommended combination involves meat and vegetables.