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Top Male Enhancement Pills – Our Picks for 2015

The way we look often directly influences the way we feel and act. While it is well known that most of the time we are unhappy with our appearance and interested in making changes that will improve our self esteem and social performances, one of the biggest concerns is related to our sexual performances.

Statistics indicate that only 0.2% of men have expressed their desire for having a smaller penis. All the other respondents revealed their feelings of insecurity and inadequacy that comes from the personal belief of having a small penis. For their situation to be even more troubling, finding a solution is challenging, the tens of wonder pills that pop out daily considered.

How can one choose from the thousands of pills, patches, exercises, devices and surgical procedures? With patience, care, responsibility and the help of some trustworthy informational sources. Understanding the needs of the male body and having the knowledge of how enhancement pills work are the first steps to take you closer to a conscious decision.

To ease your quest, we have outlined below the best products for improving sexual performances, by considering the potential gains they can bring, the amount of time they require for providing visible results, the nature, quality and safety of the ingredients in their formulations and the support and bonuses provided by their manufacturers. Most of your frequent questions should find their answers in here. So consider the following products that were already tested, tried and proved to be the most efficient.


To those with a minimum knowledge in the field, VigRX Plus should be more than familiar, not solely because it represents the upgraded version of the previous VigRX released on the market by Albion Medical, their manufacturer and marketer.

VigRX Plus contained Hawthorn Berry, Catuaba bark extract, Muira Pauma bark extract, Saw Palmetto Berry, Asian Red Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba leaf and Epimedium leaf extract. At first, it was Ron Jeremy, the famous porn star, the one to boost its popularity by promoting it. But as it entered on the market and proved its efficiency, it was put under scrutiny by numerous and highly rated Men’s magazines, Penthouse, MAXIM and FHM included.

What VigRX Plus brought as a novelty are three cutting-edge ingredients to complete the initial formulation: Damiana, Tribulus and Bioperine. These act as catalysts, accelerating the absorption of all the others and consequently increasing the effectiveness of the product.

Endorsed by three different reputable doctors, this potent formula has already helped more than one thousand men around the world to improve their sex life and regain their confidence, making it the pill that brings the highest customer satisfaction.

97% of those who used VigRX Plus have noticed a growth of up to 1 inch in length and girth within the first weeks and up to 2.5 inches after 10 months of administration combined with penis exercises routines. In addition, patients reported experiencing longer lasting erections, their premature ejaculation problems being slightly improved, and increased semen, the larger load of ejaculation also enhancing the intensity of their orgasms.


The all natural formulation and its widely recognized overall performance are by far the most important assets of these supplements, as they offer the expected results through harmless ingredients and very low odds of side effects. However, the manufacturers invest even more in order to increase customer satisfaction, which means that you can:

  • Get free bonuses to include discount cards for future orders, semen enhancer supplements, CDs with exercises or pheromones bottles, depending on how many dosages you order at once.
  • Supportive delivery with worldwide, express shipping in standard and discreet boxes that will leave no clue regarding the content you receive to the potential intermediaries.
  • A 67 days policy of money-back guarantee, which reinforces their effectiveness.
  • Excellent servicing in terms of customer support, chat live included.


The only potential disadvantage may be considered the relatively high price of $77 if you order the one month supply package. However, this is easily canceled when ordering the 6 or 12 months packages that not only come with additional free bonus gift & shipping, but also set the price as low as $40 / month supply.


  • $384.99 for 6 months supply / save $77 / Free Bonus Gifts!
  • $329.99 for 5 months supply / save $55
  • $267.99 for 4 months supply / save $40
  • $205.99 for 3 months supply / save $25
  • $143.99 for 2 months supply / save $10
  • $76.99 for 1 month supply

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Our second best choice, Vimax is relatively difficult to be distanced by our number one, as it is also highly recommended. With the same 100% natural formulation and the endorsement of the reputable medical professor and clinical physician Dr. Michael Turner, this product could not have failed.

If there is one thing to place it somehow in the shadow of VigRX Plus, it would be the formulation that partially resorts to a different combination of plants and that only contains nine ingredients, with one less than its opponent.

The manufacturer’s most popular and recommended package is a 6 month supply with a discount of 124.75$ and bonuses to include an extra supply and a bottle of liquid RX.

The positive results, reviews and testimonials registered so far make it one of the most reliable choices currently available on the market, closely competing with VigRX Plus.


  • $234.95 for 6 months supply / save $124.75 / Free Bonus Gift!
  • $214.95 for 5 months supply / save $84.80 / Free Bonus Gift!
  • $189.95 for 4 months supply / save $49.85
  • $154.95 for 3 months supply / save $24.90
  • $109.95 for 2 months supply / save $9.95
  • $59.95 for 1 months supply

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ProSolution Pills is one of those unique combinations that bring together herbs from across the world in a blend powerful enough to improve stamina and increase sexual desire. Gradually building a solid name and reputation on the market for the past 10 years, it is perceived as having great traits and customer friendly commercializing features.

You can think of it as to an alternative of the two above, as it is still very safe and effective. As opposed to VigRX Plus however, it requires approximately a month, sometimes even two, before the enhancement becomes satisfying and the price is 79% a bottle for one month supply.


  • $268.95 / 6 months supply
  • $248.95 / 5 months supply
  • $228.95 / 4 months supply
  • $188.95 / 3 months supply
  • $138.95 / 2 months supply
  • $78.95 / 1 month supply

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A trustworthy product designed to strengthen male health and performances will never provide instant results. It takes time and efforts in order to identify the most effective formulation and turn it into a routine. Even more important, natural supplements containing organic ingredients, part of which are common resources of the human body, the way they are absorbed can influence their effectiveness.

Different organisms have different reactions on them and any attempt of rushing the process by not respecting the manufacturer’s indications can affect your health. Therefore it is advisable to take them as recommended and to consult your doctor not only prior to starting the treatment, but also throughout the entire process.

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